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Ecosail provide SCR, desulfurization, oxidation and particulate filters for power plants, cogeneration and internal combustion engines, suitable for all types of energy supply situations.

  • 技术介绍: Definition: Selective catalytic reduction technology (SCR) is a treatment process for NOx in diesel vehicle exhaust emissions, that is, under the action of catalyst, spray reducing agen...
  • Technology is introduced : Oxidizing catalytic converter (DOC) is a device installed in the exhaust pipe of the engine, which converts carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) in the exhaust of the...
  • Technology is introduced : Carrier DPF device adopts ceramic filters as main components, the diesel engine particles in the filter efficiency is above 90%, ceramic filter, is made with two ends and o...
  • Technology is introduced : A substance is called a catalyst (a solid catalyst is also called a catalyst) that can change the rate of chemical reaction of its reactants (increase or decrease) without ...
About Ecosail

Ecosail is a leading manufacturer of exhaust gas purification systems。

Ecosail committed to the high power internal combustion engine exhaust purification research and development, production and undertake the boiler flue gas denitrification, desulfurization, wet electric dust and other air treatment general contracting business high-tech enterprises. The main products are for distributed, mobile and Marine equipment exhaust purification. Has unique technical knowledge and rich case experience in reducing atmospheric emissions.

The overall function of our system includes simultaneous removal of NOX, SOX, CO, particulate matter (PM) and volatile organic compounds (VOC).


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Order Process
Standard for controlling tail gas (nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide) emissions,
Specialized in all kinds of internal combustion set, generator set, boiler and other energy power system customized tail gas treatment supporting equipment.
  • Understand the requirements

    On-site data collection, professional equipment site survey, comprehensive understanding and meet customer needs;

  • The project design

    30 years of technical experience in the industry, providing solutions and designing exclusive products;

  • Product customization

    According to the determined design scheme, customized customer product module, ISO9001 quality system assurance;

  • Test

    All products are tested by the test bench load test, and can be delivered after the test is completed.

  • Debugging delivery

    After the product arrives at the site for free commissioning, commissioning is delivered to the business after correct;

  • After-sales service

    Provide customers with 7*24 hours after-sales service hotline, perfect after-sales service team support.

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About Ecosail
Ecosail Energy Technology Jiangsu Co., LTD
Room 207-209, 2F, 599-5, Jianshe West Road, Wuxi City
SCR-Denitration device
DOC-Carbon monoxide and hydroc
DPF-Dust removal device
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